Lean management means making decisions that will allow you to achieve your goals while minimizing waste. It also means being able to identify opportunities for improvement in your business and taking action on those improvements. This effort can be summarized in one phrase, daily lean management.


In this video, we share top tips for running lean and how they will help you run your business like a well-oiled machine.

Matthew Peters is a cofounder of Circle View. In September 2021, Matt decided to interview his friend Kevin White in the midst of the chaotic remote new normal. The two have developed a 10 year friendship forged from common frustrations with current inefficient manufacturing processes. These friends sought to create a solution to these problems. Matt joined the CircleView.App founding team to accomplish just that.

In this discussion, they will tackle:

  • Daily Lean Management
  • Digitization
  • Standardization
  • And Remote Work Efficiency


What is CircleView.App?

Circle View helps lean manufacturing managers partner with employees to reach goals by increasing their commitment to daily activities and sharing feedback.

It is a daily lean management dashboard for manufacturing managers. It is a simple, actionable dashboard that can be displayed for employees using a large screen on the plant floor, and can be controlled by team leadership and key metric owners from anywhere.

Circle View provides a simple framework to help plants incorporate lean methods in their company’s workflow. This dashboard can be used by anyone desiring to become lean, even non-manufacturers.

Company leaders can use this dashboard to conduct daily lean meetings and keep the plant on track toward success. With Circle View, you can maximize the potential to reach company goals from anywhere and empower employees to contribute at a high level.


Feedback Loop

How does a Lean Management Dashboard work?

A lean management dashboard allows you to run weekly Lean Meetings with Yesterday, Today, and This Week’s progress tracking and Red Obstacle Indicators. With it you can maintain weekly Lean processes with ease. Circle View helps you communicate with your team concerning their progress on Goals, KPIs, Projects, and Tasks directly owned by them, set the course for the week, and remove obstacles to success all from a single dashboard.


Goal Monitoring

Circle View helps you be certain the company is Improving Sustainably by Empowering your team with Direct Owners of Company Goals. Make company goals actionable for your team. Our tool creates a system for clearly communicating goals. Your team can easily create and monitor supporting goals that are applicable for their roles or departments.


KPI Ownership

Increase Employee Commitment to daily activity Improvements by granting them Ownership of metrics that matter. Real performance improvement happens when people own the numbers. Circle View makes it easy to give ownership of each KPI to a team member that can monitor its progress daily.


Task Alignment

Don’t be aimless or waste time putting out fires. Tasks should always move the needle. Create tasks that move Projects and KPIs forward using Circle View’s simple dashboard.


Feedback Loop

Motivate employees to share their Knowledge and Feedback as their Comments are linked to important metrics with regular Comments review tracking. You can use Circle View to create a place for your team to contribute at a high level. Ensure they are informed about important KPIs and goals that drive the business. Feedback from their unique perspectives can save thousands and boost company growth.


Want to learn more?

It is the best time to adopt CircleView.App into your company. We’ve just launched the MVP of the product, so prices are set to accommodate beta users. This want last long. If you want to take advantage of the offer, or you’re just curious about how the dashboard can help your company incorporate daily lean management, book a demo today.

(If you’re still uncertain, register for the weekly Wednesday webinar “Scaling Goals with Employee Empowerment” and learn how to dominate goals without losing employees)


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