Get ready to change how you pursue company goals…

Learn the Four A’s of Empowerment

Scaling Goals with Employee Empowerment


“I have been working with Kiara and Circle View for over 5 months now since participating in their first webinar. I have found the Circle View team to be innovative, responsive, and helpful in working with our team to implement tools to drive improvement in our plant.”

Jeff Finch – Plant Manager

This value-packed hour happens on Wednesday at lunchtime. If you are wrestling with unengaged employees and high turnover rate, you don’t want to miss it.

We will be teaching leaders and managers how to build a flourishing company that dominates goals without losing employees.

During this webinar you’ll learn….

  • How to Retain Good Employees even amidst the Great Resignation.
  • How to reach company goals and keep growing even amidst a recession.
  • And how to create a flourishing working environment for you and your team.

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“Kiara does a nice job presenting and going beyond simple KPI & owner but the ER wins with making team feel heard & valued.”

John Komor – Plant Manager

How To Build Frontline Employee Trust

It’s Time To Align Your Employees with Your Company’s Agenda.

The opportunity that is forcing its way to the surface is Employee Empowerment. During this webinar, we’ll help get this right so you can keep your employees and pursue your company’s agenda with one singular focus.

Reserve your spot and be prepared for one hour jam-packed with value. At the end, you’ll be ready to systematize regular actions to Empower your Employees to Scale Goals.

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