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This will be a practical workshop that helps managers and teams get a clear understanding of goals and equips them to create an execution plan that helps everyone understand and take daily steps toward reaching goals.

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You’ve spoken and we listened…

This is a 2-hour workshop for individual teams.

We will review goals and take steps towards clarity.

Define priorities and identify key players.

Create an execution plan for the entire team that reaps daily results.

When you leave this meeting, you’ll have a solid plan for reaching goals that can be presented to your boss AND communicated to your team for daily execution.

Clarifying and Communicating Goals Workshop Results: A Practical Execution Plan with Key Players and Performance Milestones and Metrics

  • Impress your boss with a detailed understanding of initiatives and goals.
  • Confidently deliver a plan to your team that can be easily understood from their role and perspective.
  • Bypass goals and milestones consistently with a winning system.
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While you wait, do this today….

Clarifying Questions To Ask When Receiving Goals

When you receive a new goal or corporate initiative….

You need to make sense of it. You’re wondering how it applies to the day to day?

Go from a high level to daily work with these questions…

Begin by expressing Interest – I’m excited about the new vision. I’m ready to get myself and my team moving in this direction. I just have a few clarifying questions.

1. When it says _______ how does that correlate with our current goals?

2. From your perspective, do we need to prioritize differently or adjust our operational process in any way?

3. From my understanding, our team needs to adjust ____ and prioritize _____ in order to meet our new goals. Is there anything else you feel I need to know before moving forward in making plans for my team?

4. After I put together an execution plan, do you mind reviewing it so that I can be sure we’re on the same page?