Circle View’s 10 Point Guide To Extreme Goal Alignment

“Our research reveals that, on average, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy.” ~ Harvard Business Review Study

During the call you’ll learn…

1. How to make sure improvements are sustainable.

2. How to get employees to commit to daily activity improvements.

3. How to get employees to regularly share their knowledge.



Make Sure


Are Sustainable.

Find out whether there is alignment in your company.

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Does each member understand how their activities support their leaders’/ organization’s goals?

Can your team members connect their daily tasks with larger goals and metrics?

Can your team members speak clearly as to their value add to the team?

Are your teams able to consistently prioritize tasks based on goal/ metric alignment?

Can your team identify value add activities?

Do your team members feel as if their success is reflected in the team’s success? Can they show it?

As goals are revised, do team members understand how their component goals and tasks also adjust?

Can your employees find value add opportunities based on clearly defined organizational goals?

Find out how transparent your company is.

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Does your team understand how their metrics are calculated?

Do they understand how their metrics roll into their leaders’ metrics?

Does your team have visibility of their leaders’ metrics? Their peers?

Does your team feel like their leaders’ metrics are convoluted or hard to understand?

Can team members show the relationship between their activities and the team’s success?

Does your team understand how other members’ activities are similarly linked to common goals?

Can your team members easily define owners for activities with common goals, not just their own?

Can your team identify ownership relationships based on goals, projects, tasks, or comments, not just their own?



Get Employees

To Commit

To Daily Activities

& Improvements.



Get Employees

To Share

Their Knowledge.

Find out whether your company is accountable.

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Do team members feel as if their comments will be addressed?

Are team members empowered to show others their current state? Ask for help?

Does your team levelize actions based on current task loading?

Can your team access responses to previous comments?

Does every action needed have a clearly accountable owner?

Does the team feel empowered to both assign and receive tasks to add value to the team’s success?

Does your team feel as if the leaders’ are as accountable as the members?

Can your team member clearly define their ownership, resolution of tasks, and resulting success?

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