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3M + Circle View (For Internal Review)

Proposal presented by: Circle View LLC

Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Discovery Call Observations

The objectives you believe software can solve….

During our call, we discussed a few Workforce Capabilities that 3M is looking to enhance and potentially solve with software assistance.

Your overall workforce objectives are to increase your employees’ abilities to Remain Safe, Learn Job Activities, and Improve Daily Performance

A few Pain Points are apparent in this endeavor:

– Employee Onboarding is a bottleneck.

– A sustainable improvement cycle is difficult.

– Increasing employees’ commitment to daily activity improvement and knowledge sharing is a challenge.

– Data needs to be mobile and accessible from anywhere.

Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Discovering Your Objectives

Further research has confirmed….

Over the past weeks, our team has contacted a number of 3M Plant Managers.

They have confirmed three additional potential Pain Points –

– 3M deploys the Lean Management System (LMS) in part to empower the front line operator. However, implementation of LMS is never smooth. Paper-based system gaps and resource constraints can quickly lead to operator disillusionment in LMS.

– Resources are not readily available to operators to make the right decisions consistently. Important data is not always within reach for operators.

– Production floor team members often cannot understand why they are doing certain tasks. Alignment of personal actions with team goals and activities is rarely made easily visible, leading to disconnected and less effective members.

Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Our Plan To Meet Your Objectives

We’ve begun implementing your feedback…

Upon viewing our MVP prototype, you pointed out a few additions that would solve your objectives.

3M Plants would need to accomplish the following tasks using Circle View:

– View Historical Data and Trends over time.

– Determine what actions took place to improve Goals and KPIs.

– Quickly access Employee Tasks and KPI data for Accountability Meetings.

– Executive Global View of all Plants.


Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Our First Implementation Step

We’ve taken the first step to demonstrate possibility…

Our Team has developed an Historical Data and Trends feature addition.

Using this feature, 3M will have the ability to accomplish the following:

– View KPI improvement over time.

– Determine which team member’s actions improved Goals and KPIs at a given time.

– Use employees’ KPI data for Accountability Meetings.

– Show employees’ their direct contribution to company goals.


Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Our Plan To Meet Your Objectives

We propose an On-Premise Installation plan with the potential for Custom Feature Enhancements…

Our team would like to continue resolving these objectives for Ten 3M Plants/Locations.

Over the next 6 months we would accomplish the following for these plants:

– Install an On-premise web version of Circle View at each location to suit 3M’s security preferences.

Integrate Circle View with your current Microsoft Teams accounts for Video Conferencing, Direct messaging, and Cross-platform data use.

3 Optional Custom Feature Enhancements of Circle View for:

  • Better 3M Goal Alignment
  • Increased Employee Commitment
  • Executive Global Views

Better Goal Alignment with Circle View

Our Plan To Meet Your Objectives

Proof of Concept & Your Demo

Click here for a guided tour of Circle View.

Jen (the plant manager) Login Credentials:

Username – jen@circleview.app

Password – Jen1*


Carlos (the operations manager) Login Credentials:

Username – carlos@circleview.app

Password – Carlos1*


Claudia (the maintenance manager) Login Credentials:

Username – claudia@circleview.app

Password – Claudia1*


Malcolm (the quality manager) Login Credentials:

Username – malcolm@circleview.app

Password – Malcom1*


On-Premise Installation plan with the potential for Custom Feature Enhancements

A customized, On-Premise Web Installment of Circle View based on your needs at each location designed to digitize and compliment 3M’s Lean Management System and daily meetings.

Microsoft Teams Integration

We will integrate your Microsoft Teams accounts with our Dashboard for video conferencing, direct messaging, and cross-platform data use.

Accountability Report Creation

Communicate, create, and share perfect accountability reports using Circle View.

Database Connection

An on-premise database connection with 3M's security and confidentiality in mind.

Clear, Actionable Daily KPI Updates

With Circle View, every action can be easily associated with a tracking metric. Each department can elevate collaboration daily and take action based on indisputable numbers

Planning Tools & Task Management

Delegate tasks and monitor commitment using Circle View. Each team member can track their own contribution to the company vision in real-time, and have the liberty to play a major role from anywhere.

Complete Feedback Loop System

Each team member can comment about daily actions and issues. Comments can easily be turned into tasks that align with goals and KPIs.

3 Custom Feature Enhancements (Optional)

Custom enhancement of Circle View’s features for better 3M goal alignment, increased employee commitment, and executive global views. After reviewing Circle View's features, you and your team will meet with us to discuss three additional feature enhancements. Our team will then draft and brainstorm applicable options and present them to you. Once approved, we will develop and implement your feature enhancements at each location.

Optional Annual New Need-Based Features

Each year our team will meet with the 3M team to discuss potential new features enhancements.

Ongoing User & Technical Support (Optional)

Our team will continue to provide user and software support to each plant/location every business day.

Daily User Support

Our support team will be available every business day to answer user related questions and resolve issues.

Technical Repairs

Our technical team will be available every business day to repair technical issues.

Routine Software Updates

Our technical team will update our software on a regular basis.

Routine Maintenance

Our technical team will perform routine maintenance on our software on a regular basis.

Incident Monitoring

Our technical team will monitor our software to detect incidents in advance.

Downtime Monitoring

Our technical team will monitor our software to prevent downtime.

Installation Timeline

This timeline includes all initial Circle View development and customizations.

Estimated Timeline:

6 months

Kick Off Meeting
1 Day
Complete Payment
1 Day
1st IT Meeting
1 Day
Initiate On-Premise Web Deployment
30 Days
Custom Feature Enhancement Development
60 to 90 Days
Product Review and Testing
30 Days
Final Walkthrough
1 Day

Your Return on Investment

A one-time investment for initial installation plus optional $2800.00 monthly for On-going User and Technical Support.

Circle View's Base Features + Microsoft Teams Integration (One Time per location)
(Optional) Ongoing User and Technical Support (Annual Fee per location)
(Optional) 3 Custom Feature Enhancements (One Time)
(Optional) Installation of Custom Features (One Time per location)

Total: $89099

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