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Live Interviews, Give Aways, & A Live Webinar on Scaling Goals with Employee Empowerment

A Live Webinar that will change the trajectory of your company!

Join Us Live – Scaling Goals with Employee Empowerment

Live Sessions Available at Multiple Times

Get ready to set new goals, bypass old ones, and build a team of goal crushers!

We’ll be presenting the Four A’s of Empowerment that will help you build and maintain goal related lines of communication with your team to effectively reach your company goals.

During this webinar you’ll learn….

  • How to Retain Good Employees even amidst the Great Resignation.
  • How to reach company goals and keep growing even amidst a recession.
  • And how to create a flourishing working environment for you and your team.

Bonus: We’ll help you systematize regular actions so that you can get started quickly.

A 3 Part Interview Series on Effective Management from Anywhere

Part 1 Featuring Alexis Gerst

August 5th @ 4pm CST

managing a production team

Alexis Gerst is a detail-oriented leader with a passion for remote work culture. As an Acquisition Program Manager, Alexis is experienced leading technical teams toward the procurement and sustainment of critical weapon systems. In pursuit of continuous improvement, Alexis earned her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Engineering Management from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a proactive problem-solver skilled at maximizing productivity through team collaboration, superior communication, and confident decision-making.

In Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture, Alexis champions the future potential of remote work, explores the advantages of a workplace paradigm shift, and delivers tactical tips for remote leaders to enable team success.

Alexis lives with her husband and two adorable—albeit large and energetic—dogs near the mountains in northern Utah. She is an avid reader with an unreasonable love of distance running. Leading Remote Teams is Ms. Gerst’s first book. Connect with her at www.alexisgerst.com.

Growing in Your Remote Leader Role with Zach White

Part 2 Featuring Zach White

August 12th @ 1pm CST

how to manage a production team

This interview features Zach White. A widely regarded Coach known worldwide for changing the game in engineering career coaching. He has worked with engineers at all levels from dozens of top companies like Apple, Google, and General Motors to escape burnout and achieve breakthrough results. Zach is the founder and CEO of OACO, a fast growing company with unique and proven coaching programs exclusively for engineers. He also hosts The Happy Engineer Podcast (launching summer of 2021), where listeners discover the steps to engineering success through expert interviews and Zach’s own transformational framework, the Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint.

Zach understands the engineering journey first hand, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, and a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. 

With over a decade of experience and top performance in a $20B organization, he is now a sought after Coach by engineering leaders around the world. Connect with Zach at http://www.oasisofcourage.com/

Putting the Data To Work with Kevin White & Matt Peters

Part 3 Featuring Kevin White & Matt Peters

August 19th @ 4pm CST

how to manage a production team

To conclude our interview series, we present “Putting the Data To Work”.

Matt and Kevin are 2 of the 3 Circle View co-founders. They’ve developed a 10 year friendship forged from common frustrations with current inefficient manufacturing processes. These friends sought to create a solution to these problems and have done so alongside their 3rd co-founder Kiara Thomas.

In this discussion, they will tackle:

– Digitization

– Standardization

– And Remote Work Efficiency

Join us to discover new ways of processing, visualizing, and implementing data into your daily work flows. Get ready for a 30 minutes packed full of results driven game changers!