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Circle View helps manufacturing managers effectively lead remote teams.


Circle View’s Remote Roadmap to Success

10 Point Guide Manufacturing Remote Management

Why Circle View?

The Problem & The Solution

“I think it’s straight forward, no extraneous content, very clear in purpose. It looks like it covers all the bases.”

Jim Vinoski – Project Manager

Alignment with Clear KPIs

With Circle View, every action can be easily associated with a tracking metric. Each department can elevate collaboration daily and take action based on indisputable numbers.


“I have been working with Kiara and Circle View for over 5 months now since participating in their first webinar. I have found the Circle View team to be innovative, responsive, and helpful in working with our team to implement tools to drive improvement in our plant.”

Jeff Finch - Plant Manager

Transparency to Accelerate Goals

Communicate trust, individual importance, and openness to each team member by empowering them with their own dashboard that includes transparent company goals and daily performance.


“I think it's important to have this because it's important for everyone to understand the plan. And I think it's good to remind yourself of the plan because sometimes you get off track. And then this kind of bring you back on the road where you need to go on your plan.”

Steven Morss - Project Manager 

Accountability for Daily Tasks

Each team member can track their own contribution to the company vision in real-time, and have the liberty to play a major role from anywhere.


“An amazing way for non-engineers to see what's going on, get a snapshot in any given moment. And I love the idea of kind of the tree of tasking, and stakeholders, and having people's names and titles. It's awesome.”

Kat Dawe - Operations Manager

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Circle View’s Remote Roadmap to Success

10 Point Guide Manufacturing Remote Management