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Scale Goals with Employee Empowerment

Your Tool for Anchoring, Accountability, and Acknowledgements

Your Circle View dashboard will help you and your team facilitate:

  • Clear Goal Communication and Monitoring
  • Giving your team Ownership of KPIs 
  • Aligning every action to a company goal
  • Creating a healthy Feedback Loop about daily performance progress

I think it’s important to have this because it’s important for everyone to understand the plan. And I think it’s good to remind yourself of the plan because sometimes you get off track. And then this kind of brings you back on the road where you need to go on your plan.

Steve Morss

Project Manager

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  • A system designed to empower your employees to contribute at a high level to company goals
  • Our team’s assistance onboarding your team and applying these principles (We’ll make it easy for you)
  • Live Q&A session for your team to answer any questions
  • 6 months of VIP Performance Improvement Assistance (We’ll watch your data & offer tips)

PLUS…. A practical workshop that helps managers and teams get a clear understanding of goals and equips them to create an execution plan that helps everyone understand and take daily steps toward reaching goals.


Do you offer monthly pricing?

Yes. However, this offer is exclusively for annual users. Contact us for monthly pricing here – kiara@circleview.app

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Every Circle View dashboard is built on its own isolated cloud installation.

Do you offer an on-premise option?

Yes. This is a special circumstance not covered in the above offer. Contact us here to discuss on-premise installation – kiara@circleview.app

Is this a contract agreement?

No. You may cancel at any time from your dashboard.