Circle View Onboarding:

Let’s Get Started!

Thank you for choosing Circle View!

It’s time for your Onboarding Call.

Here’s What Happens Next…

We’re going to guide you through onboarding and help you craft a plan for implementation that suits your needs.

Onboarding Strategy Call

We will have you schedule a call with us to gain an understanding of your needs. Then we’ll begin integrating Circle View with your system.

Your Plan for Success

We’ll craft an individually designed management plan to help you reach your goals using Circle View.

Your Dashboard is Live!

Integration and configuration are complete. We’ll schedule a final onboarding call to get you started using Circle View.

Step #1

Onboarding Strategy Call

We want to partner with you in your efforts to effectively reach company goals. Circle View is a tool that, when implemented properly, can transform your company’s growth. The purpose of this call is to identify how Circle View can best be implemented in your company’s day to day work flow.

Step #2

Craft A Plan & Begin Reaching Goals

Once we discover your needs, it’s a smooth onboarding journey. While integration takes place, we’ll help you prepare yourself and your team with an individually crafted success plan.

Then, when your dashboard is ready, we’ll get on a walkthrough call to remove all friction from your initial experience.  

Consistently Reaching Goals Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Your team is days away from an effective growth strategy. Using Circle View, we’ll help you create a thriving working environment where employees contribute at a high level and profitability skyrockets.

“I think it's important to have this because it's important for everyone to understand the plan. And I think it's good to remind yourself of the plan because sometimes you get off track. And then this kind of bring you back on the road where you need to go on your plan.”

Steven Morss

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